Monday, July 10, 2006

Aaj Tak - the latest soap on Indian TV

The Aaj Tak story on Matuknath Choudhary, the Patna professor caught in flagrante delicato (Amit writes about it here) leaves me aghast at the state of Indian media, and their desperation to create a story out of any non-issue they can come up with. Aaj Tak is quickly assuming the TOI role on television.

Another worrisome trend I have noticed on the channel (again pioneered by TOI) is the attempt to package obviously advertised content as "news". Recently Aajtak's newsroll (the side-scroller at the bottom of the screen) informed me that Amity Business School had been ranked #x in rankings carried out by magazine y. It struck me as rather strange that Aaj Tak's editors considered this as either breaking news or a matter of national importance. This was followed by a commercial break for - you guessed it - Amity Business School. Curious.


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