Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Almighty - how long before fiction becomes reality?

The sensationalism with which Indian media treats just about any issue these days - be it Rahul Mahajan's overdose, the Mumbai blasts or even Matuknath Choudhary's infidelity - reminds me of a book I read a long time ago - Irving Wallace's "The Almighty".

The Almighty is about a media mogul who engineers news (a plane crash here, an assassination there) to ensure that his paper breaks the story first. Applied to the Indian context, how easy it would be for a channel to engineer a riot (hey, our politicians do it anyway, and I am sure they'd be happy to pass on a trick or two for a small consideration) and be the first to report on it (they could then have truly exclusive pictures, at least for a short while, and draw more eyeballs, and more advertising from non-AICTE recognised business schools). I am pretty sure the business case would work (relatively low upfront costs and risk due to a time-tested and refined model, high exposure and therefore revenue). In fact I am suprised why no one has thought of it before. Or mabye they have?

ps. I am not a conspiracy theorist by nature. This just occurred to me as the next logical step in the media war.


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