Friday, July 07, 2006

Bollywood cult film - Tehelka

There are good Bollywood films (very few of them). There are bad Bollywood films (very many of them). And then there is the rarest of rare breed, the Bollywood film that is so bad it's a classic. Most Mithun movies belong to this category, but Greatbong is the undisputed authority on them and I am not going to try and match him here. Instead I would like to draw your attention to a classic which, I assure you, shall be well worth your time:

Tehelka: Boasting of a star cast including Dharmendra, Naseer, Aditya Pan(s)choli, Shammi Kapoor and the Amrish Puri as the unforgettable Dong of "Dong kabhi wrong nahin hota" fame. Came across this one when we were channel-hopping in the IIMC common room. The plot has been done to death - bunch of brave commandos up against megalomaniac India-hating warlord with an appropriately demonaic warcry ("Shom shom shom shom sha sha"). Anil Sharma has directed this caper with heart-warming earnestness (to be refined in future classics such as the Sunny-paaji starrer The Hero - more on that one later). Be it Bhisma pitamah aka Mukesh Khanna tackling toughs on one leg or Bangladeshi superstar Chunkey Pandey and co. providing the baddies with self-excreted liquid refreshment, this movie deserves to be required viewing in any film appreciation course.
Have been searching around for this one but no luck so far - any ideas on where I can get hold of it?


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